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Telenatura TBE are aware of the importance that mobile devices have reached today, where technology is evolving so fast. Phones, tablets, PDA's, .... a range of devices that are day by day becoming more important and making life a little easier. Thousands of applications allow us to carry out tasks that, few years ago, could only be carried out with a personal computer.

One of the Telenatura TBE R&D+i lines is dedicated to developing applications for mobile devices. Among our range of apps we have a variety of applications for management and maintenance of infrastructure related to water resources and energy: energy facilities, irrigation facilities, infrastructure, climate control, among others.


captura ragps

Application developed with LabVIEW for Pocket PC® which determines the extraterrestrial solar radiation, equivalent evaporation and parameters related to the solar position, always real time, from geolocation data on mobile devices. These parameters are useful in various applications related to solar radiation and meteorological sensors installed in the field: validation of data provided by weather stations, estimating crop water requirements, among others. There is currently no software in the market which confers this utility to a mobile device.


captura pvgps

PvGPS is used for maintenance tasks in PV installations by determining the PV output power of the system, the daily energy production, the clear-sky global solar radiation and other parameters associated with solar position from GPS data. The calculation of these parameters allows the user to know if the PV plant is working properly. In the case the application is used in fixed PV installations where no tracking system is implemented, these data help the user check if the PV module support structures are correctly oriented.
Visit Google Play and download PvGPS:


captura dh

This application allows the calculation of diameters in drip irrigation installations and it was developed with LabVIEW for Pocket PC®. It calculate potential commercial low density polyethylene diameters to be used on the sides of drip or trickle irrigation without the need of use a PC. The user can quickly evaluate the sensitivity to changes in the full range of commercial diameters for a lateral emitters line in drip irrigation. Required a certain input data: flow driven by the issuer, number of emitters, spacing between emitters and pressure tolerance in the lateral half.