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Our job

Telenatura TBE is dedicated to the application of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) and the provision of technical advisory services in the field of environment, natural resources, energy and agriculture .

TeleNatura TBE has developed a range of products and solutions application of ICT to the environment, energy, natural resources and agriculture. These combine hardware and software to facilitate the work of control, management and automation. We start from different capture and presentation of data (photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems, ...) with field devices (sensors of soil, plant and climate), actuators and other additional elements. The above elements exchange data with remote systems and all information is managed by software that integrates it into a device. The services provided include the following:

Part of the technology and methodologies employed in the services we offer are based on R&D+i projects, conducted by researchers from the Engineering Agroforestry Area, Department of Engineering at the UMH, and Department of Food Engineering and Agricultural Equipment, University of Cartagena UPCT.