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Telenatura TBE has developed a range of products and solutions to implement ICT to the environment, energy and natural resources and agriculture. These combine hardware and software to facilitate the work of control, management and automation. We start from different capture and presentation of data (photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems, ...) with field devices (sensors of soil, plant and climate), actuators and other additional elements. The above elements exchange data with remote systems and all information is managed by software that integrates it into a device.

Among the recent develop applications include:

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Spanish patent number P201030144. The system allows, compared to other irrigation controllers on the market, use the same hardware to perform many different configurations by simply changing the software, all at a low cost. It incorporates an interface software/hardware consisting of a data acquisition card DAQ and an adapter plate on which is placed a power converter associated with the various inputs and outputs of the system, with means for manual operation, parallel to automatic operation means consisting of a software program associated to a computer or PC connected to data card, so that it can be integrated into the team or be an external element and connected to it, either.


The SCADA system main objective is to apply regulated deficit irrigation (RDC) in almond-tree, taking into account soil and climate data plot. The use of this type of irrigation to optimize the use of water without impairing production. SCADA application is supplemented with the use of remote control software VNC (Virtual Network Computing). It´s Free Software based on a client-server structure. Lets take control of the server (computer that is running the SCADA system) remotely via client computer with any Internet connection, thus avoiding unnecessary travel and providing greater control over the system as well as saving time, money and water.

-Screen view of the pumping-

-Screen view of the head-


The teaching platform consists of two main parts: (i) drip irrigation simulator called SIRIGO v1.0, and (ii) a SCADA system (PROBACO v1.0) to control a facility through drip irrigation DAQ card model provided . This SCADA system with the DAQ board can be used also as irrigation controller in real installations. Both source files as the simulator and the SCADA system is provided to students. These based on these templates, they may develop more complex applications by introducing new models and algorithms irrigation and input and output signals.

-Probaco (DAQ card and PC with SCADA)-

-UI(user interface) v1.0 Sirigo-