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Telenatura TBE has a range of products for monitoring and management natural resources. All these products have been tested and successfully used in various companies and collaborators intallations and they have given satisfactory results in all cases. You can perform a wide variety of tasks in the action field which the company is moving:

  • Real-time control systems and energy management for agribusiness
  • Energetic and hydraulic parameters control in pressurized water networks (via network analyzer, flowmeter and pressure transducers)
  • Sensors for measurement and control of various parameters (mainly agrometeorological, plant and soil)
  • Acquisition control and data processing nodes
  • Irrigation programmers
  • Agrometeorological stations
  • Integrated equipments

Telenatura TBE offers the possibility to purchase according to your requirements and needs. We offer you this range of devices, please contact us.

Standard Repeater – Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems


Wireless temperature monitoring systems are becoming commonplace in the food services sector and the healthcare industry. Temperature monitoring is key to guarantee high quality, ensuring the integrity of the products, supplies and samples. Main features:

  • Radio Frequency Band:916MHz (USA);868MHz(Europa)
  • Line of sight Radio Range: 100m
  • Internal rechargeable batteries up to 2 days
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Amplified Repeater – Wireless Temperature Monitoring


Wireless temperature monitoring systems are becomming commonplace in the food services sector and the healthcare industry. It is vital that information on temperature and storage conditions are checked regularly. Features:

  • Radio Frequency Band:916MHz (USA);868MHz(Europa)
  • Line of sight Radio Range: 300metros
  • Internal rechargeable batteries up to 2 days
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By phytomonitoring system can control the water applied to crops. In this case the system has applied olive cultivation. Main features:

  • A temperature and humidity sensor RS-ATH-5R
  • Three dendrometers for stress management in plant RS-DE
  • Two soil moisture sensors RSD-SMS-2R
  • Acquisition, transmission and processing of data system
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Irrigation programmer Agrónic 2500


Full driver for fertigation, totally configurable with multiple usage, communication and expansion possibilities. Equipped for the control of irrigation, fertilization, pumping and cleaning of filters, as well troubleshooting. Features:

  • Several configurable outputs depending on model
  • 6 digital inputs on the basis
  • Programming time and volume
  • Remote management via SMS
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Energy control system with SCADA


An energy management system is a tool and/or energy monitoring system which will allow us to account for and control the location of consumption in our organization. Features:

  • Compatibility: can be integrated with any equipment
  • Flexible architecture: adaptable to different companies
  • Accessibility: accessible data from any PC
  • Availability: increased availability of the installations
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Automatic control systems


Smartbox allows to acquire, assess, monitor and control into a single system all energy sources and relevant energy management data of a building. Main features:

  • Allows you to create rankings to compare data
  • Consumption peaks detected
  • Fault management and irregularities
  • Watchdog and RTC
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Power and harmonics analyzer


Suitable for measuring a three-phase electrical quantities in the AC network. In addition to detecting the "normal" measurement quantities as voltage, current, frequency, power and energy, it also indicates the ​​harmonics, interharmonics and asymmetrical values. Main features:

  • Energy and work measurement(Wh, KWh, KVARh, PFH)
  • Indication of the current waveforms and voltage overlapping
  • Large LCD illuminated dot matrix
  • Timer and integrated calendar for data logging
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Ultrasonic flowmeter


Flowmeter is used to control measurements or to quickly detect the flow in a pipe, so that it is transportable measuring system and easy to install. The ultrasonic flowmeter works on the difference method in the runtime. Main features:

  • Ideal for retrofitting
  • Accurate and reliable
  • No need inspections, no moving parts
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