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Vipmet is a new model of agroclimatic station capable of filtering real time data. It consists of two differenced parts:

  • A hardware part composed of several weather sensors, a programmable automation controller for sensor data registering and 3G mobile router to endow the system.
  • A software application responsible of acquisition and filtering data along with the estimation of various parameters.

To control VIPMET we have an attractive user interface for station management and data presentation, as well as a web application for remote control.

estación agroclimática

estación agroclimáticaAgricultural weather stations are normally utilized to register weather variables (e.g. temperature, relative air humidity, solar radiation and wind speed). These data can be used to estimate daily and hourly reference crop evapotranspiration (ETo), which can provide important information for water resources optimization in irrigation scheduling. However, data captured by actual agricultural weather stations are not filtered, what may lead to a bad estimation of the parameters and consequently to a deficient water management, endangering the horticultural crops. Telenatura TBE presents a new automatic agricultural weather station that is endowed with a real-time data filtering process to ensure the validation of the acquired data. In addition, the station can be remotely controlled for automatic data collection and management tasks by means of a 3G mobile router. To perform station remote control have a very intuitive user interface and easy to use, it can manage the station and the presentation of data. It also has a web interface for remote access and an FTP server from which you can download the files.
Today, we must be aware of the increasing competition for water resources, hence the growing importance is acquiring the development of new technologies for improving irrigation management. As quoted above, the data collected by current agroclimatic stations are not filtered, which can cause errors when optimizing resources to improve irrigation water. Therefore, to increase stations operability would be required a number of algorithms for filtering real time data, however, current stations do not have this capability.
Vipmet is a new type of agricultural weather station that ensures the data obtained by sensors validation, due to real-time filtering of these. With Vipmet we will have sufficient information for the optimization of water resources in irrigation scheduling. Although the Vipmet station was initially designed for irrigation management and assistance in horticultural crops, due to the system robustness and the potential for expansion, it could also be adapted to the weather forecasts, weather and hydrometeorological, environmental analysis and air quality, infestation and disease, reporting, or even to prevent forest fires.

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